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How to Tell if You Need a New Roof

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metal roof repairThink you need a new roof? You’ve found the right post, because you’ll find out the tell tale signs of a roof that either needs to be replaced or repair. Read on to find out what you need to be on the lookout for when considering roof repair or total roof replacement.

  • Clogged gutter – If your gutter is clogged on a consistent basis, then your roof may be deteriorating. Take a look  at what’s in your gutter. You may find pieces of broken shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials. You may not believe it, but when your roof falls apart a lot of it ends up in your gutter. So, if your gutter is clogged and you can’t figure out why, it may be your roof breaking down. On a similar note, don’t leave your gutters clogged as this can cause water damage to your roof. When your gutters are clogged, rain water has nowhere to go and will pool up on your roof.
  • Missing tiles or shingles – Have you noticed any bare spots on your roof? There may be missing shingles or tiles. You can’t leave your roof like that. When you find tiles or shingles on your roof, that means your roof is falling apart in front of your eyes and the structural integrity of your roof is compromised.
  • Dark spots – If you notice any dark spots on your roof, you may be dealing with mold or algae. Unfortunately if you find mold or algae on your roof, you’ll most likely find water damage on your roof. While you can remove mold from your roof, extreme water damage is another case. If the water damage is extensive, you’ll need to replace your roof. A quick to find to water damage is to go in your attic and look for signs of water damage. Bring a flashlight and look for water stains, mold, and a musty odor.
  • Curling shingles – When you look at your roof and see curled shingles, that’s a sign you need to replace your roof or get it repaired. That’s because shingles that curl are deteriorating. These shingles will not last much longer. Get them replaced soon.

If you notice any of the above, it’s time to get your roof inspected by a professional roofer. They’ll be able to tell you if your roof needs to be repaired or if your entire roof needs to be replaced. Don’t delay! The longer you leave your roof in disrepair, the worse the damage will become.