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How to Keep Your Toilet Unclogged

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clogged toiletIf you’re reading this, you are using your toilet the wrong way. That’s right, not as nature intended it for. Instead, you’re most likely using your toilet as an aquatic garbage can and that’s why it’s clogged all the time. Read the tips in this article and you won’t have to call your local plumber as often.


Don’t Put This In Your Toilet

You simply should never put anything in your toilet except toilet paper. Anything else is going to clog it or mess with your septic tank. Here’s what you should definitely avoid flushing down your porcelain throne today:

  • Paper towels
  • Tampons
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Condoms
  • Toe nails
  • Floss
  • Band aids
  • Hair
  • Cotton balls
  • Ciggerates
  • Cat litter
  • Art clay

You see, just because you can flush it, doesn’t mean you should flush it. So, quit it or you’re going to be calling your plumber a lot more often.

Please Don’t Flush Cat Litter

Please, don’t flush cat litter, just please don’t do it. Even if the box says flushable, just don’t do it. If that cat litter has an ounce of clay in it, you can do serious damage to your pipes. I mean, forget about removing a clog, you’re going to need remove and replace the pipe if enough of that clay litter litter settles into the pipe. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and throw the litter in the garbage outside. After all, it’s going to be you that pays for the busted pipe, not the kitty litter company.

What to Do Instead

You probably are putting garbage in your toilet because you don’t have a little garbage can in your bathroom. Go get one today and put it right next to your toilet. You can find them at most home and big box stores. Stick a grocery bag in that itty bitty garbage can and you’re good to go.