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Garage Door Repair Tips

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garage door repair serviceDo you think you need the assistance of a professional garage door repair service? Here are the most common reasons homeowners need to call a garage door repairman. They’re in no particular order, so read them all.

  • Broken springs
  • Broken cables
  • Garage door opener malfunction
  • Garage door off tracks
  • Garage door won’t open or shut

How to Avoid Garage Door Repair Every Single Time

If you want to avoid any of that happening to your garage door or garage door opener, you need to perform regular maintenance on your garage door. There’s no way around it. Your garage door has a lot of working parts and is much like your car. All of those parts need to be lubricated, adjusted , and tightened for your garage door to stay in good working order. Small repairs need to be done regularly as well to prevent them from turning into large damage. A garage door doesn’t collapse out of nowhere. That happens after years of neglect.

Here’s what you can do to help maintain your garage door and opener:

  • Wipe any dust off the sensor eye of your garage door opener sensor eye.
  • Replace the batteries in your garage door opener.
  • Spray all the moving parts with lubricant.
  • Lightly brush the tracks too keep dirt out.
  • Tighten any bolts that have come loose.
  • Replace the weatherstripping

You can have the professionals:

  • Realign your garage door
  • Test your garage door for balance
  • ANY spring work
  • ANY cable work

It doesn’t take a lot of work to keep your garage door in good shape. It just takes consistent maintenance. If you know you aren’t going to do it, have a professional perform regular maintenance every 6 months. Trust us when we say that it will cost you a lot less than a complete garage door replacement.